So, off we went to the Cave. We took the 3 hour cave adventure which was the shortest one available. I just wanted to see what’s inside the cave. I’m no physical fitness junkie. I’d be happy to just survive.

There was a thousand steps (i didn’t really count) down to the cave. It was a little intimidating at first since I had no idea what it was like but I eventually got the hang of it.

It was really quite amazing what you see inside. I thought that mother nature is really an artist.

After a couple of hours, we finally are done with caving. My legs were stiff from all the climbing and walking. I was ready for dinner. On our way back, we hitched a ride. We went back to the “other other house” and took a shower before going to the log cabin for our buffet dinner.

I only took pictures of desert as I was too hungry. Dinner was prepared by a French chef also known as Aklay who fell in love with Sagada and decided to stay like so many other similar stories from expats and amazing people I’ve met at dinner. One is an artist from Australia and another one is a Harvard graduate who writes for a TV program.

Buffet consisted of tomato soup, various vegetables and beans, salad greens, mango chutney, homemade bread and butter, chicken in basil and some other greens, another kind of salad made of beans and bacon, rice, and roasted pork. The dessert as pictured above which was served last was strawberry sherbet and fudge brownies with a fresh strawberry on top.

After dinner, we checked out the local high school prom where Miss Bagel used to teach to see her former students and colleagues.

The Day after, we went by Aklay’s house to get some home made bacon and we were hoping for some bread but it was all gone. Then we went on a small hike at Echo valley, passing the local cementery and took some amazing pictures like the one below.

After the hike, we went home to get our things. Had breakfast at the Masferre Cafe and caught the 9:00 bus to Baguio. I still can’t get used to the screech, my heart feels like it’s going to jump out of my chest. It doesn’t help looking at the view from my window where you can see the edge of the road and what is down – all the way down below. I thought it was unnecessary stress so I just covered my window with the curtain.

I ended the trip with my P100 lunch at Good Taste in Baguio next to the bus terminal. Another 4 hour bus ride home.. but it was well worth it. :’)