Pier 39 was definitely entertaining. Every corner has its street performer. Parking was difficult but not impossible. We found a street parking so we had to walk for a little bit but we didn’t have to pay. I think it was perfect to visit the area around late afternoon towards the evening.

The area was colorful and had a lot of texture. Doesn’t that hot dog stand scream “Buy one from us”. I would have if it wasn’t already closed.

I thought this was a pretty picture of the dock although it looks a little somber.

Wasn’t that funny? I wonder if they have Mermaid chowder? Maybe a Merman hot off the grill perhaps? ;)

We ate at the Fisherman’s wharf (first picture on this post). The food tasted generic. It was not impressive at all. We bought food from the stands because we had to wait at the restaurants. We couldn’t because we were starving!!! The food wasn’t bad. It was just not impressive.

The artist was amazing. He was painting pretty fast too. There were a lot of portrait artists and musicians around.

At Pier 39, this guy was making crepes.

After walking through Pier 39 and the Wharf, we decided to go to a bar since the night is still young. One of us wanted to go to an Improv Comedy show where gay impersonators perform but it costs $30 for each person. That was too much. We just decided to go to a bar on this street where there are a lot of them. We went in Cha Cha Cha. The food was amazing. We had bar food like appetizers but it was soooo good. The sauces were divine! Just dip your bread on it, it was heaven. I thought it was the most glorious food I have had on this trip. Too bad I didn’t take pictures.

I left my heart in San Francisco. Hopefully, I can get it back someday and maybe.. just maybe.. it will settle there.