China Town felt a little bit touristy for me. Maybe it was the $1.99 shirts all around the place or the many tourists wandering about. I guess I just expected more.

This is the imposing gate of China Town.

The details of the gate.

We wanted to get on one of them cable cars but it costs about $5 each for a ride. It may seem cheap but for cheapskates like us, it was unnecessary expenditure. Besides, one of the locals we were with said that it will be inconvenient since it’s just a one-way ride so it’ll drop us off some place we don’t want to be.

I think what was really disappointing for me on this China Town visit was the food. My Yang Chow fried rice was not very good. Again, I expected more. It was our fault to pick a restaurant on the main street which was touristy to say the least.

I did have a good time visiting China Town although my expectations weren’t exactly met. There were still plenty of good sights, architecture, and bargain shirts. San Francisco has its unique charm wherever you go and China Town has plenty of it. You will find images such as the one pictured above that makes it quaint and lovely anywhere you turn. Now, I think I can check it off my Bucket List.