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And so.. we’ve finally arrived in San Francisco and our first agenda was Superwoman’s meeting with this guy who is a friend of a friend who will take us to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Arts because he had tickets. In short, it was free :) . I originally wanted to go to the Asian Museum because they had an event with Asian food bloggers. I’m not complaining though because it was a different but good experience.

We were about 30 minutes late and we were rushing to get in. We had no idea what this guy we were about to meet looked like. Well, technically we did – a wrong one at that. Some of Superwoman’s friends had already met him and according to them this guy is tall and handsome but you really can’t trust their judgment because any brown man would look good to them. We were curious so we looked him up on Facebook cause we knew his first and last name. The guy we saw was.. let’s just say not good looking. So we came there expecting that face we saw. We were surprised to see GI because of our expectations I guess. He was tall, well-dressed and charming. He wasn’t very good-looking but he wasn’t ugly either.

As you can tell, I was slightly distracted, so on with the Museum..

We couldn’t really take pictures of the other exhibits as it was prohibited so you wouldn’t see any of them except for this one. This was the highlight for me. If I remember it right, it was done by a Swiss artist. I’m not really sure but I know he was European. It is located on the top floor of the museum. I took this picture on our way up the stairs from the circular window just like the one from across.

This is the installation from right across the bridge. That is GI himself talking to this wonderful Filipina lady who works on this floor.

At first I had no idea that the floor I’m stepping on is glass and that it is suspended way up high without any other support until someone told me to look down. Then it was scary. You may have noticed that the pictures are taken from across the bridge instead of on the bridge itself. But really.. it was a beautiful piece.

I’ve never really been that impressed with Modern Art. I don’t have much appreciation for it unlike Classical Arts. I have always thought of Modern Art as a fad. Imagining an artist spilling paint on a canvas and it will be branded as a Modern art piece. I have always associated art with beauty, skill, passion, and thought invested in a piece which I rarely see with Modern Art. Walking through the museum, I have felt that the art around me was a way for artists to express themselves or an experience more than anything else with pictures and other mediums such as television and lights. It may seem that less effort have been put into it because of the advancement of our resources in modern times.

And that was my day at the museum..