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I fell in love with San Francisco the minute I set foot on it. It felt familiar. I was mesmerized. I loved the diversity of the people, the structure and arts of the city and its simple charm. This was the break I needed from the current state of my life. I needed an escape and I came back with an appreciation for life and a confirmation for my love of travel. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip although there were mishaps and a travel companion (QR) that got to my nerves countless times. That says a lot. Okay, on with this journey..

We left Salt Lake City at around 4:30 in the afternoon. The sun was still up and you could see the beautiful countryside. It was mostly fields and the Salt Flats but it was still very pretty.

We exhausted our music libraries on this trip. I also fell in love with one song in particular. David Cook’s version of Always Be My Baby. I don’t follow American Idol religiously so I wasn’t aware of his performance. I like his version more than Mariah’s. Oops! Markiah will be offended. Anyways, maybe it’s just because I’m a girl and I prefer a man singing this to me instead of the other way around.

We had to stop over to get dinner. We stopped in a city close to Reno. This was around 10:00 PM. We initially went to a Diner but they said they were already closed. There were popular fast food joints around but as my Aunt would tell me when I was younger “when you’re out of town, you should try to eat at places that are unique to that place and you won’t find anywhere else”. I have always tried to live by that rule when I travel. So we went to this Restaurant inside a Casino right across the street. Me and Superwoman shared a plate of Fettuccine and Shrimp with Alfredo sauce. It was a huge serving. The picture above is only half of the plate. They were generous with their servings of shrimp. Usually, I could count the shrimps they put in whatever I order in any other place with shrimp or any kind of seafood for that matter. It also came with a salad buffet and it only costs around $7. It was a pretty good deal. Beyonchel had Mozzarella sticks while QR had steak.

We finally arrived at Sacramento around 12ish. We slept over at A’s house, their house is beautiful. It was a good rest. We had breakfast before leaving at 11:30ish because Superwoman is going to meet a friend of a friend who will take us to a museum and they agreed to meet at 1pm. Of course we were late. San Francisco was about 2 hours away from Sacramento.

We have arrived. San Francisco, here we come! :)