I have had the opportunity last Saturday to spend an enjoyable time with friends. We started our day early with breakfast courtesy of the Ds. Since it was a beautiful spring morning, we decided to walk instead of driving to the Gateway Mall to see the first showing of Jet Li and Jackie Chan’s movie The Forbidden Kingdom.

It was a little windy but it was pleasantly warm. I wish I had shorter pants on. The Salt Lake City Marathon was going on so they had some roads blocked — another reason to walk because parking at the Gateway will be crazy. Besides, I need to exercise.

The movie wasn’t amazing although I wanted it to be. I mean it’s the first movie Jet Li and Jackie Chan made together and will probably be the only movie they will ever make. I hope there will still be future collaborations between the two. *spoiler* The fight scene between the two was the highlight of the movie for me. Reminiscent of the Drunken Master versus Wong Fei Hung of Once upon a time in China. This was worth the money I have yet to pay for the movie. The script was (let me say it nicely) not good. They could have picked a better lead to play the movie. The scenes between the lead and the Sparrow Girl were cringe worthy. She is beautiful though. Asians are beautiful people. :)

We took the tram which I haven’t done in a while. We stopped by the temple and walked the grounds and took some pictures. The flowers are in full bloom. It was so pretty. We even saw a newly wed couple taking pictures. That’s tinker bell smelling the flowers.

These shots were all taken at the corner of North Temple and State Street.

No More Snow!!! Just beautifully manicured grounds, mowed lawns, clean paved walkways under the trees, flowers blooming, and horse carriages. I love Spring. It evokes brightness and a world full of possibilities that you don’t mind the little drizzle.