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It was a gloomy day. Spring has officially started. However, I could not feel it with the 40 degree weather. It even snowed this morning!

One of our friends was having a hard time with issues that are going on with her life at the moment. We went to pick her up. She wasn’t home yet so we ended up going around the Jordan Landing area to kill a bit of time before we could actually pick her up.

Our original plan was to go to this newly opened Asian restaurant in West Jordan but it was closed. We were also going to watch a movie but we already saw 10,000 BC yesterday (it was pretty entertaining though critics didn’t like it) and none of the movies that were out was worth our $8. We ended up at this also newly opened restaurant. It was India Fusion. The place was cozy. They had a lot of Indian touches on their interior.


The table was simple and clean.


We were still kind of full so we only ordered two kinds of appetizer, bread and a drink. We really didn’t plan on staying longer or ordering more. We just wanted to try the place but the food was really good and the service was amazing. It was a little pricey but well worth it.


This was the Mango Lassi. It was the first time I’ve tried Lassi and I will consume it again. According to Wiki, Lassi is a traditional Indian beverage, originally from Punjab, made by blending yogurt with water, salt, and spices until frothy. Sweet lassi is a more recent invention, flavored with sugar, rosewater and/or lemon, mango, strawberry or other fruit juice. I think it was priced around $4 to $6. I don’t remember but I could remember the taste and It was divine! I lived in Asia wherein Mangoes with a lot of variety are common. I know what a good Mango tastes like. This Mango Lassi was really good. It tasted natural. That might be a weird comment but having lived here in the US for a long time, I’ve gotten used to the unnatural and processed taste of Mango.


This was one of the two appetizers. It’s the deep fried onion. I think it’s their take of the usual onion rings. It was shredded onions flavored with Indian spices with two kinds of sauces on the side. The green sauce was a little strong and the dark brown sauce was sweet.


This was the second appetizer. It was the Non-Vegetarian Sampler Platter. It had chicken, shrimp, cheese and onion all covered in batter and deep fried. It had the same type of sauce on the side as the first one. I was asking my friend Beyonchel earlier what was in it. She just said “I tried one of each and couldn’t really remember what I was eating except that it was all good.”


This was the Onion bread. It was flavored with onions and not the powdered kind of onion but chopped onions. While eating it, you could still bite into the tiny onions that are on the bread. It was served fresh and warm.

We were really impressed so we decided to order two of their lunch plates which comes with salad and rice.


I ordered this dish which was chicken cooked in tomato. It had a more elaborate name but I couldn’t remember it. I asked the server who was Indian himself for a recommendation and he recommended this dish which was number five on the menu (that I remember). He asked if I wanted it spicy and I said yes. I also ditched the salad and asked for extra rice instead. This was good. It was a small serving compared to the meals I am accustomed to but really, the sauce was so flavorful that you only need a little amount with your rice or bread to enjoy the dish.


Tinkerbell ordered this dish. It was number six, some kind of fish dish. I tried it with a piece of bread. It was good too although I think mine was better. As you can see, that’s the salad next to the rice. I was expecting another plate for the salad. I’m just glad that I ditched the salad and ordered extra rice. I don’t like vegetables anyway.

I will definitely go back to this place. I recommend it to anyone who may feel a little adventurous and ditch the usual burger joints. They have a wide selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. I don’t have the exact address but it’s located on the southern end of Jordan Landing. It’s on the complex behind Best Buy.