14 Goals for 2014

2014It’s that time of year.. I have set a few goals for myself this year and I hope I fulfill them all before the year ends. ^.^

1. Travel to at least 3 new cities in different countries I’ve never been to.
– Taipei
2. Travel to at least 3 local destinations I haven’t gone to in my country.
– Puerto Princesa

3. Take friends or family on a trip.
– Puerto Princesa Trip and Taipei Trip
4. Get together with my family – since we live in 3 different
continents, this is not easy.
– sorta, met up with my aunt in Europe
5. Save up to buy a property in the future.
6. Build lasting relationships.
7. Health Goals: Run at least 2 times a week, exercise for 15
minutes everyday, eat more protein and less carbohydrates,
eat more vegetables and fruits
8. Live by this power quote: “Doubt kills more dreams than Failure ever will”.
9. Set up a new business or find another source of income.
10. Learn Korean
11. Organize a charity event/volunteer to give back.
12. Have at least 10 unique dining experiences.
13. Migrate?
14. Plan one activity each month that I have never done


4 thoughts on “14 Goals for 2014”

  1. * Checking on your goals *.
    Will #3 be the destination event? ;)

  2. Hi, it’s empowering to have a life that is full of joy and excitement like yours! :)

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